A second too long (poem)

Enola Potter, Writer

We are just friends.

Friends that spend a lot of time together.

Friends that everyone supposes are together.

We are just friends though:

I’ve never thought of my friend in any other way.

Just friends I always say.

We made eye contact the other day.

We always make eye contact.


My heart started beating a little faster than before.

My cheeks started blushing rosier than before.

My blank face turned to a smile faster than before.

It was just eye contact; a second too long.

We held hands the other day.

We always hold hands when I get anxious, nothing new.

I got anxious, so I grabbed onto their hand.

Our hands matched like a lock and key,

they’ve never done this before.

Our hands stayed together; even when I was calm.

We were just holding hands; a second too long.

We sat in silence the other day.

Silence helps us connect.

Silence is peace for my friend and I.

Silence is what we sat in, but once we made eye contact I could tell: it was a second too long of silence.

A second long enough for the silence to eat me alive. 

Our eyes met up for a second,

Our hands take place in one another’s for a second,

It was silent, for just a second too long.

A second long enough to see my friend in a way other than what we are: 

Just friends.

Friends who take a second longer to be together in ways we shouldn’t be.

Friends who take a second longer to be more than friends, because this is the only thing that feels right: 

taking a second longer to have this silence eat the tension alive so we can be more than what we say we are:

“just friends.”