Failure is more crucial and beneficial than we think (Opinion)

Failure has been given a bad reputation; it can be more helpful than we think


DJ Gallegos

Failure has surprising benefits — we often learn more by failing than we do when things come easy.

Mason Thompson, Photographer

Failure is something everyone goes through; we don’t have to look at it as a negative thing. Oftentimes we learn more from failure than we do from success. I believe that failure is more of a lesson than something that is guaranteed to negatively impact your life.

Failure gives you a reason to keep going. For example, if you fail your math test you might want to retake it, but you have to learn what you did wrong. If you take time to learn then you could potentially get a better grade on it. I’m not saying failure always feels like a good thing; sometimes failing can feel really negatively in the moment. But in my personal experience, I would say more often than not failure gets us through life much more than success.

When you meet someone at first, you don’t ask them what they failed at, you ask them what they had success doing without any idea of the number of times they failed at that very thing. Everyone has goals whether they share those goals with others or not. We all experience setbacks within our goals, but with those setbacks comes learning. With the right motivation and mindset, we can go back at working to achieve our goals and hit it with a lot more motivation and a different approach.

Anyone can fail and get back up. And the ones who do are the successful ones that you constantly hear about. We hear big names like Bill Gates, we hear about how he created Microsoft, but we don’t hear a whole lot about all the things he faced and had to overcome before getting to that point.

Failure should be given more credit for the things we end up succeeding in and the goals we make. How we view failure can open us up to new opportunities and new chances, or it can close our minds to progress, innovation, and trying again.