Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96

The Queen of the Commonwealth Nations as well as the UK passed away today


Mark de Jong, Unsplash

Queen Elizabeth II was 96 years old.

Skylar Whalen and Jacob Morales

Today, Thursday, Sept. 8, 2022; earlier this afternoon, Queen Elizabeth II, Ruler and Monarch of the Commonwealth and United Kingdom, passed away peacefully at Balmoral in Scotland. The Union flag on top of Buckingham Palace was lowered at 6:30 p.m. (British Summer Time). This is 11:30 a.m. in Mountain Time.

Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor II was born in Mayfair, London on April 21, 1926.

The queen was 96 years old. She had four children and was the longest reigning monarch in the nation’s history, ruling for 70 years and seven months. Queen Elizabeth’s reign started February 6, 1952. Her reign lasted over 15 prime ministers, starting with Winston Churchill.

This morning, the queen was on heavy medical supervision in the royal family’s Balmoral estate. The royal family will be spending the rest of the day at Balmoral and will be returning to Buckingham palace on Friday, Sept. 9.

From this point on, Charles has the choice to take the throne and become King Charles in his mothers name. Queen Elizabeth II will forever be arguably one of the most prolific and world renowned monarchs in history.

As stated in the queen’s obituary, according to BBC News, “She became for many the one constant point in a rapidly changing world as British influence declined, society changed beyond recognition[,] and the role of the monarchy itself came into question.”