Mead Softball held car wash fundraiser on Oct. 2

The majority of the girls on JV and varsity came together to collect funds for their program


Mead’s softball team raises money for their program at the Breeze Thru Car Wash.

Jorja Haskin, Editor

Sunday, Oct. 2, Mead’s softball team held up signs at the Longmont Breeze Thru Car Wash off of Ken Pratt to raise money for their program. The money raised will go towards next year’s expenses, such as overnight stays before games, new jerseys for the teams (both Junior Varsity and Varsity) and equipment.

They were there from about 9:45 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Each car that went through added a dollar to a running total for the amount raised for the softball team. There were also donation buckets set up at the entrance and exit where customers could donate extra money.

The total amount raised was $1,387. This will help cover the expenses for next year’s season.