“Harry’s House” introduces stellar and relatable songs

Released in May, Harry’s House introduces music bound to resonate with anyone


This is Harry Styles’ third solo album.

Noel Major, Writer

On May 20, 2022, Harry Styles released his new hit album, Harry’s House. The album is composed of 13 songs with a total duration of 42 minutes. The instrumentals, lyrics, and representation of the album are unique and stick out from other mainstream music. While I appreciate the entire album, the songs that stuck out to me the most are “Grapejuice”, “Daylight”, “Little Freak”, “Satellite”, and “Matilda”, though not in any particular order.

“Grapejuice”, the third song on Harry’s House, delves deep about how Harry is happy and content with it only being him and his special someone. During the introduction, he deviates from his usual music style and whispers the lyrics “I was on my way to buy some flowers for you”. Not only is that lyric sweet, it perfectly connects another lyric, “there has never been someone so perfect for me” which expresses his deep, burning love for his special someone. This album differs from what he’s produced in the past, especially when it comes to this song. It’s a unique twist coming from Styles.

“Daylight” is an upbeat song that can get anyone into a groovy mood. This song is about wanting to stick by someone through whatever might arise. Styles uses the beautiful metaphor “you’d be the spoon, dip you in honey so I could be sticking to you” to express that he would do anything to be intertwined with this person and support them through thick and thin. The instrumentals and lyrics are incredibly sentimental and work magic on my emotions as a listener. Even after a rough day, the gorgeous combination never fails to put me in a good mood. 

“Little Freak”, the next song, gives me goosebumps. Probably one of Harry Styles’ saddest songs, the lyrics “I’m not worried about where you are, or who you go home to, I’m just thinking about you” can be painfully relatable for many. It beautifully illustrates missing a relationship with someone, but not being obsessed with their absence. In other words, you’re missing them from a distance. “You never saw my birthmark” is an odd lyric if you don’t know the context, but it’s elaborating on how a special person never really cared or paid attention to the little things — how the love there was only surface level. 

“Satellite” is about believing that you’re bothering someone important to you. You’ve drifted and you’re trying to reconnect. “You got a new life, am I bothering you? Do you wanna talk?” The lyrics encompass the feeling of being out of place and thinking that you’re annoying someone you adore. Instrumentally, I love the way it starts off slow and quiet, gradually bursting into a crescendo of energy that becomes even more passionate as the song progresses. The best way to describe it is a spacey sound, an upbeat and echoey melody that sounds passionate and nostalgic. It’s beautifully heartbreaking. 

Finally, “Matilda” is a personal song that tackles difficult topics like toxic families. Harry utilizes the lyric “not invite your family cause they never showed you love” to iterate the impact of having a family that doesn’t care. He continues with “so you tie up your hair and you smile like it’s no big deal — but I know that you feel like a piece of you’s dead inside”, showing that he notices the toll a toxic family can take on someone. Harry is saying that he is there for that person, showing them comfort and telling them how they can let go of that pain and move on.  

Overall, I rate this album a 10/10. His voice sounds amazing and there’s so much variety in the album and songs. I feel like there is something everyone can enjoy.