Jobs teach high school students independence for college (Opinion)

Jobs teach management skills that can help with budgeting in college


Dylan Morales

Teenagers typically make between $13 and $17 an hour at their jobs.

Chiara Puccia, Writer

Being a student is a full-time job and can be expensive which means having a steady income is a great way to financially support oneself. Students pay for many things when attending college: school supplies, school or university tuition, food, and living costs. Costs for schooling can get upwards of $80,000.

At the University of Boulder, the estimated one-year cost is $35,426. This includes tuition, fees, on-campus housing, and books.

Another example is New York University. The cost for only tuition and mandatory fees is estimated at $58,168. 

No matter the location, college is a big expense, but scholarships are available and can help students pay fees. Sometimes the scholarship application process is difficult. Even after the help of scholarships, it can be very complicated to pay the rest of the fees and tuition. Even though most students pay school as they go through their education, students still find themselves in lots of debt.

Most students have to navigate through school and a full time job to pay the remaining fees. Having to balance school and education can be difficult, yet it teaches you the responsibilities of being a young adult, such as having to pay bills and other expenses. Students currently in high school start to learn how to manage money, time, and stress from an earlier age rather than exclusively in college.

Having a job makes you self-sufficient, and having a monthly salary teaches management for future payments.

Why not have students learn the importance of financial independence in high school before they continue with their post secondary plans?

Teachers may think that having a job distracts high school students from their schoolwork, but sometimes working can help students realize the importance of time management and make them more organized. Having a job helps students in many ways even though it comes with stress.

Even though balancing a job and school can be difficult, it can be useful and teach lifelong skills.