The Fellowship of the Ring (Review)

It’s likely you’ve heard of the popular book before, but here’s why you should pick it up and give it a chance!


Chris Smith, Reporter

The Lord of the Rings is a classic book series that tells of an adventure that could inspire anyone to be as brave as a hobbit, so grab a fellowship of your own and lets get into the review:

With many words and chapters, it’s easy to get an intimidated and ominous feeling like you’re the one being watched by the eye of Sauron. However, once you start, you may not be able to put it down!

The Fellowship of the Ring is about a hobbit named Frodo who inherits a ring which is soon discovered to be The One Ring. Frodo then must set out on a journey to travel to the dark lands of Mordor. Frodo and the rest of the fellowship go through many hardships, but they must push on and continue, for their adventure is far from over. The first book ends with the loss of friends, and eventually even the breaking of the fellowship. The story tells of characters with huge development. The book is a classic adventure story. The Fellowship of the Ring is very easy to read, and the story is very vibrant and colorful. It’s easy to get lost inside once you start. The Lord of the Rings even got movie adaptions.

One of the book’s strongest characters, Sam, demonstrates extreme bravery and selflessness throughout the series. Sam risks and sacrifices his whole life to help his friend to carry his burdens. Overall, The Fellowship of the Rings is a tale that could inspire the hearts of all. Published on July 29th, 1959 the book has received many good reviews on many topics including positive role models, and even educational values. The book also has many positive messages. The Fellowship of the Ring has won two awards including the Prometheus Hall of Fame Award, and even the International Fantasy Award for Fiction. In general the book is thought of as an amazing and great book, that everyone should read.