Energy Academy unvieling

Energy Academy unvieling

Lucas Hale, Editor

Tuesday May 1st, Mead High unveiled a newly constructed wing of the school dedicated entirely to the growing Energy Academy program.  The ribbon cutting ceremony began with brief speeches from Principal Ayers, Mr. Valette, and Mr. Pratt. Each Speech highlighted the generousity of those who have contributed to Mead’s development as well as looking to where Mead can go in the future. Following Administration, three seniors in the Energy Academy [Kennayln Peterson, Brett Boaz, and Mathew Steele], and one student who graduated last year [Aren Roybal] spoke about what the Energy Academy has meant to them and how it has influenced their time at Mead High School.

from left to right: Mr. Pratt, Kennalyn Peterson, Brett Boaz, Mathew Steele
Garret Dudley

After the final speech, the students had the honor of cutting the ribbon. Following the cutting of the ribbon, the new wing was opened for the public to wander. Within the classrooms, Energy Academy students displayed presentations of their selected focus in the energy academy, the content of the presentations ranged from fire-safety to Bio-fuels. The presentations gave parents an opportunity to see their children thriving in the pursuit of their interests. Energy Academy is a unique program in it’s versatility, allowing students to find where they can fit into the Energy industry; whether that be as an environmental lawyer, a wind turbine mechanic, or a bio-fuel engineer. Both Food and drink were generously provided during student presentations.

Seniors Kenna Peterson, Brett Boaz, and Mathew Manning with Principal Ayers
The Finalized Wing