Harry Potter Trivia brings Mead’s nerds together

Book fans gathered to compete against each other on their Harry Potter knowledge.


Aiden Owen

Participants sit with their Hogwarts houses as they prepare to play “Harry Potter” Trivia.

I read a lot of books. Sometimes I read three or more in a week—and a lot of the many books I’ve read are absolutely amazing—but one series tops them all and will always top them all: Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is my favorite book series EVER. I’ve read all the books multiples times. I’ve listened to the audiobooks on long road trips with my family. I’ve seen all the movies. I’ve read the screenplays of “The Cursed Child” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” My reading nook in my room is literally wallpapered with Harry Potter pages. There are many books I love and obsess over (To Sarah J. Maas: I love you!), but nothing can match my devotion to Harry Potter.

Harry Potter isn’t just a fun fantasy story. It weaves important lessons and issues into the story (if you like that kind of stuff). For example, discrimination against Muggle-borns is a huge metaphor for racism. The story of the Deathly Hallows shows readers the loss that can come of greed and living in the past. These messages have reached millions of people around the world. According to Wikipedia (Goodness gracious! I’ve used Wikipedia. Forgive me of this most grievous sin.), all of the Harry Potter books have sold at least sixty-five million copies. That’s enough for every single person in Colorado to own twelve sets of the seven books.

So, as a member of the book club (please join, we meet every Friday during lunch in G204), I made one hundred Harry Potter trivia flashcards for our fundraiser at the Roundup. Generous passerby could challenge a book club member (me) to trivia for a small fee of two dollars. Winners get free books; losers get the happiness that comes with knowing they donated to a good cause. We made a whopping twenty-six dollars. Yay.

But that wasn’t the end of the book club’s adventures in Harry Potter trivia. Mrs. Hedlun, one of our two sponsor teachers, suggested we host a Harry Potter trivia event and gave me the task of organizing it. Our members made/bought all the food and decorations and spread the word. The trivia Kahoot itself was created by yours truly.

The day of the event, Friday, October 19, the awesome book club members came to Miss Krack’s room during Mav30 (or Mav60 that day) to set everything up. When lunch came around, the butterflies in my stomach had butterflies in their stomachs, which prompted my inhalation of a Ravenclaw sugar cookie purely out of stress. I became even more stressed with the shortened lunch, people talking instead of signing into the Kahoot, and fifty trivia questions to get through. I was very worried that no one would show up, but we had around fifty attendees!

The energy in the room was almost tangible as the Kahoot started up. People were answering as best as they could, talking with friends and munching on Harry Potter goodies. Everyone sat with their house, some standing on desks and chairs. Having written the Kahoot questions, I couldn’t fairly play, so I roamed the room with a bin of candy, yelling out related questions and throwing candy at those who answered correctly—a lot of which went to Shelby Lewis, who just happens to be the Copy Editor of this article and a proud Slytherin.

Everything went wonderfully. Our winners were all, sadly, Gryffindors (I’m a Ravenclaw.): Tori Schleeter (3rd), Alejandro Aguilar Rubio (2nd), and Anthony Molinaro (1st).

The food, of course, was pretty popular. Pro tip: tell a bunch of teenagers that there will be food, and they will show up. Malia Harton said she would come to a similar event “if there’s food”.

“I like that there’s so many people here, that we’re all kind of secretly Harry Potter nerds, or maybe not so secretly like me. So it’s cool to see them all here in one space,” Slytherin Skyler Studholme said, summarizing one of my favorite things about Harry Potter Trivia.

We nerds have to stick together, right?