The Veteran’s Day assembly is nearly upon us; here’s what you need to know

A brief informative piece about what will be happening at Mead’s annual Veterans’s Day assembly

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The Veteran’s Day assembly is nearly upon us; here’s what you need to know

Anna Hergert, Section Editor

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On Monday, November 12th at 1:15, Mead High School will be having it’s annual Veterans Day Assembly to commemorate family and community members who have served, using Mead’s talent (band, orchestra, and choir) to honor them.

In past years, the assembly has been very powerful and moving, not just for students but also for faculty.

Mrs. HJ, one of the teachers in charge of planning and executing the assembly, said, “What is really cool is, as a teacher, to look up at 1,100 students and see them being quiet and respectful because they know that what’s being talked about it important.”

Although the assembly is organized by Mrs. HJ, Mrs. Martenson, and Mr. Clark, Mrs. HJ credits the past assembly’s successes to the students—she says they are the ones who make it spectacular by being respectful and truly showcasing what Mead High School is all about.

This year, the central theme of the assembly is “I Am America”, the idea that we all come from different places but are tied together by a central idea.

The anticipation behind the assembly is well deserved; many people have worked hard to make it as powerful and respectful as possible.