Girls’ Basketball is generating the excitement for what they will do on the court

Along with the team, the student body is ready for the 2018-2019 basketball season to start


Hannah Millar

Sophomores Briahna Davis and Savanna Griebling are excited for the new basketball season.

Wyett Derr, Writer

Girls’ Basketball has started up and I had a talk with a couple of players. I talked to sophomore Briahna Davis and sophomore Savanna Griebling. They have both played basketball for a long period of time now. Briahna has transferred to Mead this year from Erie so this will be her first year as a Mead Maverick. On the other hand this will be Savanna’s second year on the team. They both had some interesting things to say about this upcoming year.

Even though this is Briahna’s first year here at Mead, she said that she was super excited for this season and couldn’t wait to become a member of the basketball team. In her previous years of playing, she played point guard and shooting guard. For those that don’t play basketball, point guard is the person that stands under the net and gets the ball back and the first ones on defense and shooting guard is the person that stands outside the three point line and scores the points. This year she is hoping to score a lot of points and be first string for the JV team. 

Now that this is Savanna’s second year as a Maverick, she is really excited to be apart of the school spirit again. When asked if the Varsity team was already set for the season (or if tryouts were really needed), she said, “Tryouts mean a little for varsity but they are already basically set.” She also plays point guard and seldom plays shooting guard. Her goals for this year is to, “play the best I can and make sure I do right for the team.”

Both players are hoping for a good season this year, and they are hoping for a lot of wins so that they can proceed to state. Mead high school will be cheering for all teams to play the best they can and to lay everything they have out on the court.