Mead Wins Back and Forth Game vs. Frederick

Varsity Basketball rivalry game against Frederick


Nick Jacobs drives to the hoop while double teamed.

Lucas Greig, Reporter

The new year was kicked off with a bang on January 12 when the Varsity Basketball team destroyed Frederick 70 – 58.

Helped by strong defense which held Frederick to less than 10 points in two out of four quarters, they also held all of Frederick’s players to under 10 points other than two. Meanwhile, four players on Mead’s team (Nick Jacobs, Will Maher, Caleb Ayers and, Jax Wilke) had more than 10.

Mead dominated the first quarter outscoring the Warriors 18-6. However Frederick came out strong in the second snagging 25 more points, making it a tie game at the half. Mead seemed to build up confidence as the third began making another run with the score mirroring Frederick’s last half with 25.

By then the score difference was just too much to make up for the Warriors and although they put up a fight in the fourth they only managed to gain 4 more points over mead making the final score 70-58. This win improved Mead’s record 8-3.

This rivalry game certainly didn’t seem very even by the end of the game. With Mead shooting 35% on three pointers to Frederick’s 21. Needless to say, the Mavericks were even on top of them with shooting.

Caleb Ayers led his team with five steals in the game which was more than all of Frederick’s players combined.

Mead is now tied with Holy Family for first place in their division after during a dominating eight game win streak.