What to wear on Friday for the Veteran’s Day Assembly

Everyone is being asked to wear specific colors to the Veteran’s Assembly on Friday


Campbell Goter

Student Council is selling Veteran’s Day t-shirts in the commons at lunch for $10.

Jayden Kelley, Writer

The Veteran’s Day Assembly is coming up, and everyone is being asked to wear specific colors to represent the different branches of the military. 

Freshmen are asked to wear the official colors of the Marine Corps, which are red and gold or yellow. 

Sophomores will be representing the Navy with the colors navy blue and gold or yellow. 

Juniors will represent the Air Force, wearing blue and silver. 

Seniors will represent the Army by wearing black and gold or yellow. 

Along with the students, staff members are also asked to wear colors. They are wearing red and blue to represent the Coast Guard.

Students are asked to wear these colors to honor the men and women who have served our country. 

Student council will also be selling t-shirts for $10 in the commons at lunch until they are sold out. They can only accept cash or check.