Another win for Mead’s boy’s Basketball team against Berthoud

The boy’s Basketball team plays hard for another win with a lead of 27 points against Berthoud


Campbell Goter

Will Maher making a shot against Berthoud.

Allison Welch, Writer

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, the Mead Mavericks took on Berthoud High School. The game took place at Mead High School at 1:00 PM on January 25th. 

The student section was quiet at this particular game. 

Despite the uncharacteristically quiet student section, there was still a strong sense of confidence in the stands. With the Mavericks only losing one other game and being far ahead of Berthoud the entire time, fans were confident the boys had it under control.

“We felt prepared for the game,” said Elijah Knudsen, #1 (‘22).

That being said, last time the boys played Berthoud, they lost.

“We didn’t play them well last time, so it was all about staying focused and doing what we do,” said Will Maher, #3 (‘20).

As the game went on, Mead stayed ahead without letting Berthoud get too close in score. 

During halftime, Mead led with 36 points leaving Berthoud with 25 points. The halftime performance included a show by the Mead High School Dance Team as well as a stunt by the Cheer Team.

At halftime, the team still knew they had a ways to go.

“We still weren’t really satisfied where we were at. They were still getting a lot of what they wanted,” said Maher.

“We got off to a good start with a lead and decided to come out in the second half and just push them into the ground,” added Knudsen. 

“All around everyone played well. When we played together is when we went on a run,” said Maher.

When the boys all come together and play as a team is when they do their best and it shows, the Mavericks ended with a winning score of 83-56.