What to do as a senior on Wednesday, February 5th

The empty schedule and lack of communication has left many seniors confused.

Wednesday, February 5th is an odd day for seniors. Not only is it a late start, but also the PSAT testing day. 

According to Communications Secretary Lisa Shields, “seniors are not required to come in Wednesday.” Considering the relatively short amount of time after late start, along with seniors not being able to take the PSAT, it makes sense that this would be the case.

However, per Dean of Students Ronnie Maynes, “We are encouraging seniors to work with their academic counselors on college prep work.” 

The administration wants to provide seniors with an opportunity to work during the time they would normally lose to PSAT testing. So if you have any college work that you need help with, be sure to come in and ask for help.

For seniors worried about classes during the day, there aren’t any. The only reason for you to come in is to work with your counselor on college applications.