MHS student starts fundraiser to support SVVSD free breakfast program

Senior Alec Mueller does a magic show as a fundraiser to help support families in need

MHS student Alec Mueller (’20) is doing a free online magic show to fundraise money in order to help families who have gone hungry due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

All donations towards the show will be given to the SVVSD free breakfast program. 

The magic show will be through Zoom on April 29 at 4 p.m

But this wasn’t just a random thing that Mueller started, this took a lot of thought and planning. “After receiving an email that the National Honor Society will not require volunteer hours for seniors during this semester, I immediately knew that there must be some way for members of St. Vrain Valley Schools to give back to each other and their community during this time,” said Mueller.

Mueller knew he needed to do something but wasn’t sure what that was. As he was talking to a magician friend, he realized that there was a widespread financial struggle. As they continued to brainstorm, “[it gave him] the idea to create an interactive Virtual Magic Show for the members of our community, encouraging donations to support the district in this difficult time,” said Mueller. “Seeing an article about the amount of kids going hungry due to the outbreak was heartbreaking, I wanted to help in any way possible, big or small.”

Putting this fundraiser in place took longer than Mueller had anticipated. It involved contacting and working with MHS principal, Mrs. Rachael Ayers, and superintendent, Dr. Don Haddad. 

“Ultimately I have two goals for this fundraiser,” said Mueller, “first and foremost being to raise as much money as possible to donate to the free breakfast program, hopefully we can really make a difference in keeping families from going hungry! Secondly, I truly believe in magic. Not necessarily in tricks and illusions, but in the magic we experience throughout life. Being together with family, laughing with friends, the magic of stargazing, in sunrises and sunsets. It’s a wonderful thing, and I think that in these scary unknown times, we could all use a little magic. My hope is to bring joy and magic to everyone and anyone who needs it right now.”

While many people are struggling financially, Mueller hopes to help the community as well as provide something fun to do while we’re inside. 

Mueller hopes to raise $2,000. While this seems like a lot, Mueller has no doubt that the community can reach this goal because, just within three days of launching this fundraiser, they’ve already raised $400.

With the already amazing outcome and support Mueller says, “It’s a lovely thing to see the community come together in this time of separation.”

To help the community and help feed families, you can donate through Go Fund Me.

On April 29 at 4 p.m, log onto Zoom and join the show using the meeting ID: 940 237 8399 and the password: Magic.