MHS will return to hybrid learning in mid-January

SVVSD and MHS confirmed the return shortly after Winter Break

Mead High School’s first attempt at hybrid learning began last semester. It didn’t end up working as well as initially expected, putting over 30 students and staff into quarantine as Colorado moved to the red zone in regards to COVID-19 cases and cautions. It eventually ended after Thanksgiving break, making students return to remote learning.

Ever since then, students have been wondering if MHS and SVVSD would remain remote the rest of the year or try to return to hybrid for a second attempt. It has now been confirmed: we are going back.

On Friday, Dec. 18, MHS Communications Secretary Lisa Shields posted to the Schoology page of every Mead student, “MHS classes will resume on January 6 via online with plans to return to hybrid on January 19.”

Principal Rachael Ayers also sent out an email with a second confirmation.

As said, hybrid learning will start up again Tuesday, Jan. 19 with the option of staying online. 

On the St. Vrain Valley Schools Twitter page, it said that on Jan. 6, elementary students will return to in-person learning four days per week. Middle schools students will begin remotely and return to hybrid learning on Jan. 11, while high school students will begin remotely and return to hybrid learning on Jan. 19.

The same information was on the official MHS website. Additional details are at

Students who engage in hybrid will be going twice a week — once on an A Day and once on a B Day. Students with a 504 plan or an IEP (individual education plan) will be allowed to go to school Monday through Thursday if needed.

Grouping will still be the same as first semester. In most cases, this is based off of the first letter of your last name, but not always. Group 1 will be going on Monday and Tuesday and Group 2 on Wednesday and Thursday. All MHS students will stay home on Fridays (unless they need specific support from teachers), which will remain asynchronous.