Wings, chips, and french onion dip: the ultimate Super Bowl snack list

No Super Bowl party is complete without the snacks, and these snacks take the evening to the next level


Arizona Lee

Correctly selected snacks can make a Super Bowl party great.

Since the Super Bowl is coming up, most of us are getting ready to turn on the TV and settle back with our families and a table full of great snacks. Well — I admit — most families are probably planning to watch the commercials and have an excuse to eat junk food because watching the game is overrated, right?

While football fans say Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes will be the true stars of the Super Bowl game, I say the snacks at the party are the true MVPs of the evening.

There are a few foods that are classics in my annual Super Bowl party, and I’m willing to share and let all of you in on my secret snacks. 

The first snack my family and I love to buy (or sometimes make) every year is a whole bag of salty, crunchy tortilla chips with either queso or salsa dips. I’m personally a queso fan. The cheesiness and little kick of spice has made it a staple for Super Bowl snacks in my household.

The salsa is always a good option, too, because the hint of spice and the tangy tomatoes make it a great snack to add to your table.

Another snack I highly suggest is pretzel sticks, which I generally get at my local Kings Soopers or Walmart. Though they may seem a little basic, that salty flavor and snap sound as you bite into a stick are classics. Pretzel sticks are a really enjoyable snack for a Super Bowl Party.

A veggie platter is also a classic for Super Bowl snacks. The variety is fantastic, and they’re super simple for families to make at home. From the olives to the pickles to the carrots and broccoli with a side of ranch, this snack has great flavor and offers a veggie and dip for everyone. Veggie platters are also pretty healthy, which is good news for any health nuts out there.

Though I love these first three staples due to their flavor and easy purchase from a grocery store, these next snacks take it to the next level for me. They can be bought from your favorite pizza shop, or you can make them yourself.

First off: wings. Do I even have to provide any more commentary on this dish?

I love wings because you can use a variety of different sauces to change up the flavor. My favorites include buffalo sauce and barbecue sauce. And if you’re not really a sauce person, you can have them with regular or spicy seasoning. If class wing sauces aren’t your thing, but you still want more flavor, you can dip them in ranch or blue cheese, and they’re just amazing. 

If you’re looking to make your own wings at home, a good recipe can be found here.

Breadsticks are also really good for your snack table. The cheese and the bread together just make them really tasty and savory. I could literally eat an entire meal of straight breadsticks from anywhere. They’re amazing. In my opinion, Olive Garden and Little Caesars carry the best breadsticks. If you’re looking to buy some, I’d check out those locations. Butter and garlic are also great additions to your breadsticks if you’re looking for something with a little more prominent of a flavor.

If you want to make homemade breadsticks, this list of recipes is a really good go-to. They have multiple flavors and styles to try out.

The last snack suggestion is something I knew I couldn’t leave out. I saved the best for last. Six words: Wavy Lays and French onion dip. French onion dip is so tasty with all its herbs and little bits of onion tang. And this dip makes a wonderful combo with Wavy Lays. The potatoey goodness plus the herbs of French onion dip — oh my gosh. This snack is just so delicious.

I’ve never made my own French onion dip because the original Lays brand is really good, but if you want to try it out, you can find a recipe here.

Well, that’s really all you need to have an amazing Super Bowl party this year. You’re welcome.

We at The Mav hope all of you have a safe and fun 2021 Super Bowl party. Make sure you’re keeping guests to a minimum this year since we are still in a very serious pandemic, and as amazing as a great football game is, it’s not worth risking more COVID-19 spread and breaking health guidelines. Hopefully we can all have bigger parties next year, but for now, we can make the best of what we’ve got. Happy Super Bowl!