What was thought to be an act of vandalism by students during rival volleyball game turns out to be unclear

Originally considered a mass keying at the hand of students, initial incident remains in doubt


DJ Gallegos

Students shared photos in several private conversations stating their cars had been keyed at this event

Since the rivalry volleyball game against Frederick High on Sept. 2, rumors of several cars being keyed on school grounds sped rapidly.

Many students were outraged by the alleged incident.

Ramon Mitchel (‘22) said his car was keyed the night of the incident. 

He shared that though his car was keyed, he cannot say for certain it was done by Fredrick students.

The Mav also confirmed that in one particular private group chat, students claimed their cars were keyed. Some shared photos of the keying.

Following the rumors, Mead High’s principal Dr. Young originally stated that an investigation would commence.

“It saddens me that people would resort to vandalism,” he had said prior to new information coming to light.

Soon thereafter, Officer Coleman, the school’s Resource Officer, said these allegations were false. 

She said, “We didn’t have any cars keyed.”

In an interview, Coleman explained she was told about the rumors immediately. She said she viewed the cameras and confirmed that no car was keyed.

Two students filed police reports, according to Coleman.

Coleman said that perhaps the cars were keyed elsewhere or the damage happened another way. She also said that the rivalry between Mead and Frederick may have ignited the rumors.

One student told The Mav that the school has not reached out to her, but she did hear that other cars were keyed. This student is confident the keying occurred at the volleyball game.

The Mav student news cannot confirm any keying occurred at the volleyball event.