MHS gets new multi sport field through district funding

Mead has gotten a new multi sport field and additional renovations on it’s stadium that leaving it looking like new


DJ Gallegos

A brand new multi-use field was paid for by the district and now hosts Mead High’s home games.

A new football field — or rather a multi sport field, considering it supports more than just football practices and games — has been built here at Mead High. The new field is where football and soccer home games will be hosted for the Mavericks. It is also where the track team will practice for track meets. 

The football team has played three games so far, none of which they have lost, making them 3-0 (as of Sept. 22, 2021).

The soccer team has also had a good start to the season as they are 6-2 with their only losses being against Holy Family High School last Wednesday, Sept. 15 and Silver Creek on Monday, Sept. 20.

Neither team has lost a home game — looks like the new field is giving them good luck so far. You could say it’s a “home field advantage”.

When asked about his thoughts on the newly implemented field, football player Truitt Rowland (‘24) said, “It’s nice. It’s better turf and it’s not as hot.”

“The turf has special pellets that absorb the heat, making the turf cooler [temperature wise] to play on,” he continued.

Rowland (‘24) is also in track. The track, he said, is “soft and cushioned”.

Some athletes are enjoying the new field so far, which is always good news for those who funded the renovations. The expenses that come with establishing a new multipurpose field begs the question, who paid for it? And how?

In a press conference with The Mav reporters during early September, Principal Dr. Brian Young said, “[The field and track] came to us through routine district maintenance.”

He added, “The district believed it was time for an upgrade [for] the field and track.”

With a new year and a new field, what should the MHS Mavericks call our renovated stadium and field? Should it be  “Maverick Stadium” or “Mead Field”? That decision will be left up to students. 

We wish good luck to the football, soccer, and track teams as they start their seasons. We know that with leadership and teamwork they can accomplish big things this year on our new track and field.