Mead High has plans for gender neutral bathrooms that include all

The administration wants to make a safe space for people to use the restroom regardless of what they identify as


Spenser Leise

Universal bathrooms are coming to Mead.

The question has been brought up again and again: what is Mead High‘s administration planning to do to support trans students?

Administration is in the process right now of “turning the staff bathrooms in the hallway into open bathrooms that any human being in this building can use at any time”, according to Principal Dr. Brian Young in a press conference with The Mav Student News.

Mead High School is trying to keep a safe learning environment for everyone. “A lot of these practices aren’t aimed to just support one group of students. They are aimed to support all of you,” said Dr. Young. 

It’s important for people to remember that the bathrooms are for everyone —thus the name “universal bathrooms”. It could be for people who have anxiety, trans students, or anyone else. Dr. Young noticed that our school did not have universal bathrooms and wanted to provide them. 

It’s unclear at this point when the bathrooms will be ready for use. Locks will be taken off of the staff bathrooms (which are being changed to universal bathrooms). They are still in progress and will be ready sooner rather than later.

“This is a welcome change for many students,” Jordan Wagner (‘22) said. “I think it’s a great idea.”

Wagner (‘22) added, “It would be more inclusive [overall] to have gender neutral bathrooms.”

Millicent Garcia Meiring (‘22) agreed, saying, “I know a lot of people… are uncomfortable going to assigned bathrooms.”

She continued, saying that these students will most likely “be really happy about it”.

These universal bathrooms for all are giving the students of Mead High choices that will allow them to be comfortable in their learning environment.