it’s okay (poem)

The normal happy girl steps

Into school

She waves and does her

Usual hellos

But as she is smiling her mask

Falls down


No don’t be silly

Not the masks that the school

Requires us to wear

But the mask that 

Covers our sorrows and

Disguises our souls


She pulls it up quickly

No one cares 

About the war that is raging 

Inside of her


She sits in classes 

Sometimes content

Sometimes numb

Without an ounce of golden happiness

Except for the remaining drop that 

Codes her monochrome mask 


Though she is surrounded by 

Other people 

She is 



Groups form around her

With one main hypocritical goal

To talk about how much they hate

A girl that they know nothing about


These people are so sucked into 

Their own bubble of selfishness 

That their masks have slipped down


The girl sees

And holds her strength to keep 

The war from billowing 



The mask consumes her 

Whole body as she grows 

More numb by the day


Contentness is drowned with 

The rains of sadness

As she silently weeps 

In the bathroom stall


Like a grenade

Like a bursting dam


She is consumed and

gives up.





Walk around her 

Being consumed too

But no one will ever know