Blindly beautiful. (poem)

    There are many beautiful people you meet in your lifetime.

Some are so beautiful you never forget their presence. 

Some are so stunning you spot them from a mile away.

Some are just so jaw dropping, that you aspire to be like them.

                                 Others are different.

                      Some are so beautiful you dream of their words.

            Some are so beautiful you want to be around them.

Some are so beautiful that you could be blind and still see their beauty. 

Someone who looks like an angel but acts like a devil is so beautiful yet only from the outside,


         Someone who has only a pure heart and kind words.

                            Someone who’s beauty is from their soul.

I met someone so beautiful, someone who’s looks made them a model. They were so effortlessly stunning. 





                How can someone so beautiful

                be so mean.

Beauty should make someone kind. 

Kindness should make someone beautiful.

              I met someone so beautiful, someone who’s kindness

                                                                made them a good person.

                        Their beauty outshined anyone who walked past.

                                                                          They had a kind soul.

       Their beauty doesn’t compare to how bright their soul shines.

Their beauty is bright.




                                                                         Is brighter.

                                                                                        I am blind.

                                                                                              And yet, 

                                                                       I still see their beauty.

                   I do not need eyes to see, hear, or feel their beauty. 

                                                             Their words were beautiful.

                                                                     Their act was beautiful. 

                                 They way they made me feel was beautiful.

I have eyes that see everything so vivid.

So vivid I can see the act beneath their beauty.

My eyes can see the ugliness that’s really there.

But I do not need eyes to see their beauty. 

                                                                                            I am blind.

                                                                                     I have no eyes.

                                      Yet, I can still see how beautiful they are.

                                                                                     Their kindness.

                                                               The way they made me feel.




         From the form of their kindness.