No more apologies (poem)

Your yelling runs down my back 

             I choke as it grips my throat 

Be the bigger person they say 

Don’t yell back and don’t respond, 

Be quiet 

             You let out everything on me

Pouring your problems on my shoulders to carry 

I must be the one to apologize

I must be the one to stay silent 

You’re still angry at me and you still won’t forgive 

             We both messed up 

I am still the one to apologize, not you

            You need to say sorry

For all the hurt you’ve given me 

For all the worry you’ve brought me 

You must say sorry 

That’s all I need 

I won’t bother you anymore

             I’m tired of being silent

I will speak up and show my side 

             No more apologies from me  

Not until you admit of what you’ve done wrong 

The fight itself didn’t hurt, 

            It hurt more that you didn’t apologize