Spring Break is perfect time for productivity

Though it’s tempting to sit around and do nothing all week, Spring Break is the perfect time to get things done


DJ Gallegos

Motivation can be hard, but try your best to use this week for productive activities.

Stacy Avitia, Managing Editor

It can be hard when you’re listening to your peers tell you about their Spring Break plans when you aren’t doing anything. While your classmate is going to Florida, you’ll be stuck at home. But make the most of the time off! Use it to catch up and be productive, because it’s guaranteed if you sit around and do nothing, you’ll feel even more overwhelmed

You can start by doing the 100 missing assignments that are overdue in your classes. And don’t lie to yourself, you know you need to catch up. Though this isn’t the most glamorous task, you know you’ll feel better once it’s done. 

Cleaning your “depression room” is also an excellent way to feel productive. This year has already been pretty tough for most of us, so I know those clothes and hair products are all over the floor and in places they shouldn’t be. So clean them up! Make your room a space you’ll be happy to be in for the rest of the week. 

Read. A. Book. The majority of the folks our age haven’t willingly picked up a book in ages. Maybe you just haven’t found the right book yet. It’s a terrific way to take a break from reality and let your mind run wild.

You can also do some self reflection. Start reevaluating the people you associate yourself with. If you’re relieved that you don’t have to talk to your friends for a week, maybe it’s time to take a step back. Sometimes you don’t even realize how badly you need time to yourself. Take this week to do that.  

And lastly, don’t forget to spend time with people you love and those who love you. I bet your family also needs a break, so help around the house and do your part. Check up and catch up with friends that you don’t see on a regular basis. Surround yourself with good positive energy and people.

Don’t waste your week being unproductive, it’s a great time to catch up and be ready to finish the rest of the school year strong.