Mead High student council hosts prom spirit week

Prom spirit week is being expanded and student hype is up.


Aiden Owen

Show Maverick pride next week by participating in the spirit week hosted by Student Council.

May 2 through May 6 is Mead High School’s prom spirit week, and all students are invited to participate. Each day of the week will present a unique theme that allows students the opportunity to share their creativity alongside their peers.

To accommodate for the track meet on Friday, May 6, Monday will run on an end of day assembly schedule. Wednesday will be a late start day. 

Monday’s theme is Country vs. Country Club. The task is simple: look like you belong at a rural county fair or a Rhode Island golf course. 

Tuesday’s theme will be Adam Sandler Day where students will be asked to wear mismatched clothes that channel their inner middle school student. Make it as obnoxious as you can. If you need to reference old middle school yearbook pictures to really sell the role, do that. The baggier the clothes, the better.

Wednesday’s theme is Anything But a Backpack Day. To allow everyone to enjoy this day, be considerate for what you choose to bring into the school to accompany your school supplies. Anxious animals and sticky siblings do not mix well together in a busy high school.

Thursday’s theme is Tacky Tourist Day. Remember your fanny pack, khakis, and excessive sunblock. There will also be a girls v. boys volleyball game after school for those who would like to attend.

On Thursday evening, there will be a junior v. senior volleyball game after school.

Friday’s theme is Freaky Friday. Teachers will dress like their students and students like their teachers.