Assistant Principal Ms. Keel is moving on from Mead High, leaving legacy many students cherish

Ms. Keel’s contributions to MHS will be missed after she leaves; however, staff and students wish her the best of luck in the future


Mason Thompson

Ms. Keel will be missed by many students. Her contributions SVVSD and MHS are deeply appreciated.

Ana Carrillo, Editor

Assistant Principal Ms. Keel has been working at the school for three years and is set to finish out her contract in June. The MHS newsletter, sent to families and students, made an announcement on April 1st that Mrs Lindsay Laporte (the current Dean of Students) will be the new Assistant Principal the upcoming school year, referring to Keel leaving the school after the end of this school year. 

Ms. Keel has been a great addition to the administrative department of Mead High School during her time here.

Her job involves many “hats”—or responsibilities—as the assistant principal: this includes assisting students with academic, emotional, and in some cases family concerns. Her hard work and dedication will be missed.

Students shared that Keel came to school every day with a smile on her face, ready to help in any way she could. 

“I’m a part of a team. I’m part of an admin team, but I’m also part of an educational team. I’m part of the Mead Maverick team, so whatever it takes, that’s what [I’ll] do [to help the MHS community]” said Keel. 

In an interview, Keel shared she loves collaborating with teachers and that she enjoys getting back into classrooms and observing and helping teachers improve their teaching. She enjoys watching the shenanigans out in the commons, where students interact during passing periods. She added that her job has given her the opportunity to have some really good connections with students.

She also said that, “Some of the best relationships I’ve built have started in a pretty negative way right in my office, but that offers me [the opportunity] to partner with students and go through the experience together”. 

Keel shared that she enjoys “helping kiddos struggling with academic concerns and discipline.”

Keel enjoys attending the after-school activities and seeing students have fun.

One of her favorite memories involves a recent Unified Assembly and the graduations she has attended at MHS. Keel said, “that the event that [she] loved the most is the United Unified Basketball assembly. Graduation is [also] great, especially seeing the kiddos that you’re really working with at the end of the year. It’s a true celebration.”

Keel brings spirit and cheerfulness into the school environment. Her coworkers said that they’ll miss working with her.

Ms. Laporte said “It’s been great working with her this year. I’ve only been here for a year, but it’s been nice to have a partner to collaborate with about testing and discipline and just another thought partner.”

Laporte will also miss Keel at the admin dinners on Friday nights before school football games.

The Maverick community will miss her helping and understanding attitude, as Zion Elznic (22) commented: “she’s really understanding”.

She has been a great leader to help students get their act together and try their best.

Carlos Blancarte (‘22), agreed with this as he stated “she really encourages students to get their work done and to get it and to just succeed in school.”

Several students share memories with Keel and her great contributions to the school; Hugo De La Torre (23) added, “she was my favorite administrator from the office so the news of her leaving bummed me.” 

Keel will be missed by many, and her time here has been highly appreciated.

The Maverick community wishes her nothing but the best of success and joy in her upcoming opportunities.