MHS food drive is Nov. 14-18

Food drive donation requests offer students the opportunity for friendly competition


Kevin Allen

Participate in next week’s food drive by corresponding donations with the daily categories.

Mead High School StuCo has partnered with Weld County Food Bank to help support those in need within our community. Though, this year presents a unique twist to enhance the competition of donating items. Instead of advisory classes competing against one another like prior years, this year pins the competition against the four grade levels for the exciting chance to win the Mav Bell.

Next week features different days in which different kinds of items can be brought in. The rules are simple: bring in the most necessities and put them in the corresponding box for your grade level. Remember, food items must be non-perishable. 

Macaroni Monday requires items such as pasta, ramen, rice, hot or cold cereal, mac & cheese, pasta sauce, and canned macaroni. This is the perfect chance to rid that one cereal or ramen flavor from your pantry, though be sure to ask your parents before taking it to school.

Still got your toilet paper stock from March 2020? Don’t worry. Toiletries Tuesday requests for items such as deodorant, razors, toothpaste, toilet paper, tampons, maxi pads (no panty liners, please), size 4-6 baby diapers, adult diapers (specifically the underwear/pull-up kind), as well as laundry and dish soap.

Help hydrate others on Water Wednesday by hauling in either bottled or gallon containers of water. 

Canned Food Thursday holds quite the hefty request by asking for any and all types of canned food. Canned protein, vegetables, fruits, soup, and beans to name a few examples, but other canned non-perishables are welcome.

Forget to bring your items in earlier during the week? It’s all good. Feast Day Friday allows participants to bring in ANY item mentioned on the request list. As the last day of the competition, this could negatively or positively influence the competition for all grade levels, so be sure to participate and put your all into it. 

And yes, while the Mav Bell is quite an exciting prize, the best reward of all is knowing you’re supporting those in need this holiday season. So stock up this weekend — it’s time to help out the community next week with something as simple as generosity.