Mead basketball plays first season game against Frederick

Mead Mavericks basketball kicked off the 2022-2023 season with a highly competitive game against rival school Frederick


Stacy Avitia

Boys Varsity Basketball huddles up.

The Maverick’s boys basketball team looked forward to the game against Frederick and was ready for whatever was coming.

They spent months preparing through practices, rewatching film, and participating in team bonding exercises like team dinners.

Prior to the game, coach Darin Reese admitted there were a lot of unknowns as the team had never played together. Even with these unknowns, he said he was excited for a “packed house”.

On game day, the roads were snowy and it was cold outside.

Despite the weather, Nick Basson (‘23) said he was looking forward to a large crowd, “a good atmosphere is always fun”.

Starting the game, the boys were head to head — never being too far behind one another.

The Frederick Golden Eagles started the game with a three pointer, but right after, the Mavericks shot a three pointer by Aiden Herrera (‘23), who also ended the last period with a three pointer, leaving the score 15-10.

Going into the second period, one of the biggest highlights was Tucker Mills (‘23) stealing the ball down half court and dunking it, putting the Mavericks ahead. Shortly after, when the score was 27-26, Mills dunked the ball again, putting the Mavericks in the lead at 27-28. Being tied up by the end of the period 32-32 was quickly changed with an impressive three pointer by Matthew Angelo (‘25).

Third period also consisted of some great defense. Dominic McLawrence (‘24) stole the ball and scored, and Basson (‘23) made a fast break. Basson (‘23) also shot an eminent three pointer by the end of the period.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, Mead remained in the lead, but Frederick was not far behind with a score of 50-48.

There was a turn halfway through fourth period, and making three pointers back to back, Frederick took the lead by 65-57.

Herrera (‘23) shot the first three pointer of the period shortly thereafter.

The Mavericks put up a good fight, back and forth right up to the last few minutes.

Frederick ultimately won the game 76-70.