Campus Supervisor Jessica Trujillo resigns from position at MHS

Jessica Trujillo plans on pursuing a career as a dental hygienist


Noel Major

Trujillo has worked at MHS since January of 2021.

On Friday, March 17, Mead High School Campus Supervisor, Jessica Trujillo, announced her resignation with it also being her last day.

Trujillo said she wants to pursue her dream of becoming a dental hygienist. She went through a dental hygienist program several years ago. She decided to pause her career goal when she started a family around that same time. 

Trujillo has enjoyed working with students and helping them find ways to deal with their emotions. Her job has entailed a good deal of de-escalating situations. 

“Just getting to know the reasons students [are] upset or angry — the emotions they go through — has been [a huge part of my job],” Trujillo said. 

She built relationships with coworkers and students alike during her time at Mead. Trujillo started as a secretary and moved into the Campus Supervisor position this school year.

Her new job will entail prepping rooms, making sure patients feel comfortable, and explaining procedures and after care, among other duties. 

“I think it’s a great career, [and] there’s a lot to the job,” she said. 

Trujillo plans to join a dental office as soon as her resignation is complete. 

Staff members and students alike shared that they will miss her and the impact she made on MHS.