Mead Wins Boys Varsity Basketball Game

Mead boys win, concessions runs out of food, and tiny dancers rock halftime.

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Mead Wins Boys Varsity Basketball Game

Kassidy Trembath, Editor in Chief

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The Mavericks beat Frederick 76-37 during Friday night’s Varsity Boys Basketball game. They scored 20 seconds into the first quarter and remained ahead for most of the game.

It has been clear, over the course of the season, that Mead’s team is strong. They work well together. They practice hard. And it shows.

Sophomore Jacob McGill, #22 on the team, says he is proud of “swinging on a varsity team who is going to go deep in the playoffs.”

The game started late — it was supposed to begin at 7 but did not start until approximately 7:45, due to the Varsity Basketball Girls team going into overtime.

Mead boys play against Frederick High School.

Concessions ran out of food by 8. They sold about 70 pretzels, says Mary Benson, the head of concessions for Boosters. Concessions had been open since 4:30, so by the time Varsity played, the snacks had run out.

Spectators commented about their disappointment.

Aiden Owen
The concessions stand closed shortly after the game began.

The halftime show was actually a mini dance clinic for girls ages 4-13 ran by dance coach Jamie John, the mother of Sophomore Lydia John.

“It is one of the biggest fundraisers we have,” said John. “It is pretty impressive how quickly they [the girls] learn the dance.”

She added, “I love how the community supports cheer and dance like this.”

Aiden Owen
Cheer and Dance team dance with young girls.