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Mead High School’s Student News

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Mead High School’s Student News

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Mead High School’s Student News

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Yearbooks years 2010-2016

Alumni remember their time at Mead High School

Aspen Bingham, Content Editor April 19, 2024

Mead High School opened nearly 14 years ago, in 2009. Since then, a lot of things have changed, from the students and teachers to the way the school is run. When Mead High School opened, there were...

This study group is proposed to make it easier for students to meet with a group

AP Study Group is newly offered after school program at Mead

Raul Mares, Writer January 30, 2024

Many studies have proven that working with others can have many beneficial aspects. Team bonding projects encourage personal growth, increase job satisfaction, and reduce stress. Students are even more...

Mead Journalism was a part of the Mead Parade of Lights.

Mead holds annual Christmas in the Park and Parade of Lights

Enola Potter, Writer December 17, 2022

The annual Mead Parade of Lights was Dec. 3, 2022 at 5:00 pm and was hosted at Mead Town Park. The parade began at the intersection of Palmer and 5th St. and proceeded south. There was no cost of entry...

Although Skyline and Mead are both in SVVSD, my experiences at each were very different.

Switching to Mead after being at Skyline for three years was very different (Commentary)

Layla Virtue, Writer October 4, 2022

Although this does not apply to the entirety of either school, this article touches on topics for the general experience of one student who’s attended both high schools. At Skyline, rarely was I intrigued...

With the start of the 2021-2022 school year, supervision has skyrocketed around Mead High

With the start of the 2021-2022 school year, supervision has skyrocketed around Mead High

Enola Potter, Writer September 22, 2021

As of this school year, students have noticed an increase in supervision. The parking lot is the most notable location of additional supervision and security.  Students now have two lunches, supervision...

Vinny Purrier is an exceptional student with exceptional goals.

Where are they going?: Vinny Purrier

Miles Michell, Content Editor April 26, 2021

If there’s anyone at Mead who knows how to make a first impression, it’s Vinny Purrier (‘21). Purrier is well known for his sharp outfits, piano skills, and ability to make a comeback in any classroom...

Mar. 21 saw an exciting victory for Mead.

Mead Boys Basketball becomes 4A state championships

Arizona Lee, Editor-in-Chief April 6, 2021

On March 21, 2021, the Mead High School Boys Basketball Team won the final game that officially labeled them as Class 4A Boys Basketball State Champions. The opposing team (Montrose Indians) scored...

Being new is tough, but you have what it takes.

Freshman year is rough, so here is some advice on how to make it through (Opinion)

Ashliee Treblik, Writer September 30, 2020

Picture it: You walk out of a classroom and head to lunch. But where do you sit? Everyone seems to know each other and have established friend groups — where do you fit in? Or maybe your English teacher...

The softball girls celebrate Wiesecamps grand slam during their game vs Holy Family.

Mead softball voted No. 1 in Class 4A

Jayden Kelley, Writer September 2, 2020

Mead varsity softball is off to a great start in the 2020 season. The Mavericks are 7-0 and were voted to No. 1 team in Class 4A by various coaches in the state. 17 coaches in total voted for the top...

Parent-teacher conferences are drawing near

Parent-teacher conferences are drawing near

Amme Cook, Writer September 24, 2019

Parent-teacher conferences are drawing near. “The fall conferences are on September 26 from three o’clock in the afternoon until eight o’clock in the evening,” said Mrs. Lisa Shields, the MHS...

From right to left, Izzy Cox, Celeste Ortega, and Quin Overlin.

Student Council reshuffles cabinet for 2019-2020 school year

Blake LaVanchy, Content Editor August 30, 2019

The new 2019-2020 Student Council Cabinet are in and they have some new changes and goals for this school year.  According to member Celeste Ortega, this is what the new cabinet looks like:  “This...

Andrea Randolph and Maddie Martenson, two previous ASL students from Mead, spell out ASL in sign language.

Mead is left without American Sign Language course due to lack of staff at Front Range

Matthew Silbernagel, Content Editor August 27, 2019

The 2019-2020 school year at Mead planned to continue offering American Sign Language (ASL), a class from Front Range, to all 11th and 12th graders. A total of 42 students planned on taking the class this...

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