With the start of the 2021-2022 school year, supervision has skyrocketed around Mead High

Administrative supervision has increased across school grounds, aiming to make sure students are safe at all times.

As of this school year, students have noticed an increase in supervision. The parking lot is the most notable location of additional supervision and security. 

Students now have two lunches, supervision around the halls, and supervision all around the parking lot. 

Assistant Principal Valette said, “During class, the hallways mostly fall onto our Campus Supervisors. They have rounds they make where they sweep the halls and check bathrooms.”

He adds that it’s important to always have eyes on the school.

“We, being administration, are in the halls now and then,” Valette said.

Principal Dr. Brian Young said that due to the large number of students and increased number of freshmen, there needed to be additional supervision.

Dr. Young said, “We’re trying to spread out our supervision in the hallways, the lunch room, and around campus.” 

When doing this, it makes sure everyone is on campus when needed to be, rather somewhere else, he added. 

With increased supervision, it will be easier for students to maintain a safe learning environment overall. The goal is that more supervision will establish a better MHS community and environment for everyone. 

As noted by Dr. Young, safety is the most important priority at MHS.

Mead High’s  supervision brings a benefit for students as well because it keeps the campus more secure. When an adult knows where students are at, everyone can be accounted for.

Campus Supervisor Wade Weese said, “We need to know where students are because this is an extension of our home. Safety is important in order to be protected while you’re getting an education.”

Dr. Young also said, “[Students] don’t hang out in our parking lot—why? Because there’s no supervision out there.” Without supervision, administration is unable to ensure everyone’s safety around the school campus. Having more security will help us as a community work together as a whole.

Knowing all students are in a safe place at all times ensures safety and benefits our learning.