The Two Towers (review)

This book is full of adventure and action, such as Ents smashing a tower with rocks.


Chris Smith, Reporter

The Two Towers starts off with Sean Bean dying once again–oh wait i’m thinking of the movie. The story continues from where The Fellowship of the Ring left off.

The group is at Amon Hen when they get ambushed by the Urak-hai. Boromir gets fatally wounded protecting the hobbits Merry, and Pippin. Frodo and Sam quickly decide to go off on their own and to leave the fellowship. They will continue the quest to take the ring to Mordor. Aagorn, Legolas, and Gimli then must set off to go rescue Merry and Pippin.

From here the story splits between the two groups going on their adventures through Middle-earth. This book is full of adventure and hardships as the characters push on. The book brings you on various adventures of the members of the fellowship.

Written in 1954 the book has survived and prevailed through time. each person can find and bring a new meaning to the book that means something special for everyone. The book has a strong sense of action and adventure that could liven up anyone to go get on a journey of their own.