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Administration tackles the nicotine addicted student body

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Administration cracks down on students in possession of illegal substances on school grounds.

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Administration tackles the nicotine addicted student body

In the most recent administrative attempt to quell teenage vaping, a speculated 10-20 individuals were searched under speculation of possessing nicotine vaporizers on school grounds. It is speculated that at least five of these individuals were additionally suspended for the offense.

This came after a recent assembly of freshman and sophomore students, in which Mead High School was misrepresented greatly. As students began to cheer and applaud inappropriately, guest speakers Lynn Rheimer and Nick Thompson presented horrifying statistics concerning teen addiction statistics being incredibly high in Colorado.

Students, however, continued to partake in their activities, some going as far as to continue bringing their devices to school at risk of being caught.

The true nature and tension of this mass punishment, while not taken seriously by some, has set a new standard for the expectations of administration. Hailee Carpenter, a junior, believes this was “The Purge of high school suspensions,” and began to voice her disapproval against the administration and their tactics.

Senior Liam Doherty disagreed with the administrative actions. “I thought it was absurd how they chose to deal with the many kids in trouble with this form of suspension,” he said. “They should have just confiscated the vapes without further repercussions.”

Attempts to contact Administration about the event have proved futile, however it is expected that this purge is not the last effort to reduce vaping on school grounds, or in general. Counselor Anthony Elliot, commented that he was “…not sure what occurred on January 17th,” as counselors are not often involved with disciplinary movements.

The CDC cites substance abuse as one of the greatest threats to the livelihood of modern teenagers. These devices, while lacking the harmful tar contained in cigarettes that cause cancer, contain chemicals that can cause major lasting effects, and more often than not, oral or lung cancer.

Further efforts from Administration are currently unknown; however, per usual trends, they are expected to tighten their grip in order to prevent the furthering of this epidemic. As Mead High School promotes excellence to the best of their ability, the rise of teen vaping and the reflection it has on the school’s reputation is jarring.

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2 Responses to “Administration tackles the nicotine addicted student body”

  1. Madi Hadley on March 1st, 2019 7:50 am

    Very intriguing, and it’s interesting that administration is being quiet about their plan of action.

  2. Hannah Millar on March 5th, 2019 8:06 am

    The story was very interesting and the headline really caught my attention

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Administration tackles the nicotine addicted student body