Taking steps to understand administration: How you can garner a better relationship with those who lead our school

I feel like there’s a sort of gap between administration and the student body. What steps can I take to change this for myself?


A poster hangs in the hallway of the D Wing encouraging freedom and trust.

Throughout history, there have been multiple instances of the little people rising up against their authoritative power. This is not really one of those times based on the fact that the more simple solutions do not involve a coup.

There is a gap in respect. Between students and themselves, students and their peers, and especially students and administration. This is the case in every school, though. This doesn’t dismiss its importance, but it does set a precedent for the true nature of typical student/administrative relationships. 

But, just because it’s the norm, doesn’t mean it has to be a constant for you. Change starts individually. It comes slowly and usually with a decent amount of resistance — be more understanding and work at doing so. You must thoroughly attempt to build trust with an administrator whose opinion you come to respect.

Over time, relationships will be formed on sturdy ground. A mutual understanding between people is formed, rather than between a superior and their subordinates. The more steps you take to create this relationship and find respect, the better your experience with administration will be.

You certainly do not have to agree with every or anything the administrative body believes or expects. You actually have the constitutional right to possess your own beliefs. However, the members of our administration still remain your superiors and thus deserve respect. On the flip side, you are a person who their actions govern, and therefore, those actions must be in the best interest of others.

As most good things go, this will take time. But acting in favor of peace and understanding is worthy of your effort. High school is supposed to be a time for growth. Actively participating in your own growth and the growth of others will increase maturity and build a structure based on mutual understanding.

With that being said, I’d like to say good luck. Remember, it starts with respect. You’ll be surprised by how much this helps.