New directors showed off their talents in this year’s Film Fest at Mead

The 2019 Film Fest shows “Senioritis” at its best


The 6th annual Film Fest took place last Friday, April 19, where students were encouraged to enter a student-made film for a chance to win a special prize. The winners got a screening of their film in Sunrise Cinema in Berthoud, and a few free tickets to that theater, as well as a trophy made by art students here at Mead High School. Known filmmakers from previous years (Ryan Yancey for example) of course had films entered, but new directors outnumbered the old; and the audience was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Awards were given to Sarah Cloke for “best film” (voted on by a secret group of judges) for her film “Dear Future Me”, while Ryan Yancey took first and second place for his films “Senioritis” and “Boy & Meatballs” (voted on by the audience), and Alec Mueller got third for “if we never met”. All the films entered were super entertaining, but the ones that got trophies were truly special. When the audience wasn’t laughing, we were hit with a wave of heart-filled emotion.

A variety of films were entered, all of which were entertaining, but the ones that took on the reality of high school (and how quickly it’s coming to an end) hooked me in much quicker. They managed to capture a unique perspective of high school life, which most audience members could relate to.

Personally, my vote went to Sarah Cloke. I remember writing my “letter to my future self” in eighth grade, and that’s the basis of her film. She started off by opening her letter, and reading it to the camera. Then a slide show of her high school memories played with a voice over of her finishing the letter. She showcased funny moments throughout all her four years here, including Homecoming, Prom, and being apart of StuCo. Her letter was really sweet and heartwarming, and I’m glad the “secret judges” thought so as well.

There was a great turnout of students and teachers, and some parents showed up to support their kids as well. I couldn’t attend last years film fest, so I can’t compare audiences, but this group was very active and laughed a lot.

If you attended the Film Fest, comment below what your favorite film was! All the directors put in tons of hard work producing these, so give them some support down in the comments.