Seniors hope to set tradition by attending Mead’s first Senior Sunrise

Before they graduate, seniors woke up early to watch the sunrise together


Alejandro Aguilar

Catherine Cook, Mari Ochoa, and Sarah Walsh bundled up for the chilly morning of Senior Sunrise

On August 30, seniors came to the school at 6:00 in the morning for the first senior sunrise at Mead High School.

By 6:15, most had settled down with their blankets and began to talk amongst themselves. Catherine Cook, one of the coordinators, brought hot chocolate for everyone who came. 

Most seniors heard about the senior sunrise either through their friends, or Mav20. There were also posters hung around the school and in classrooms to inform those who still didn’t know.

“It’s my last year so I just wanted to get to do everything,” Jocelyn Jimenez said when asked why she came to the sunrise.

Caelan Scallon also said he “thought it would be cool to see friends before school starts.”

When asked what she wanted to do, Sarah Walsh said “[she wanted to] hang out with friends.” 

There was a disappointment in the sunrise, as the clouds covered all but a tiny sliver of it. 

Jimenez added, “It would have been better if there was a pretty sunrise.” 

The whole activity was courtesy of five coordinators: Catherine Cook, Molly Caylor, Sam Bell, Abby Sprague, and Celeste Ortega. 

The seniors of this year are hoping that this one sunrise will help set the tradition of Senior Sunrise for the classes that will follow them.