Marching band and Dance ignite homecoming game in new team ensemble

The new partnership between dance and marching band stir the pot in the half-time homecoming game


Marina Goter

Mead High School’s dance team collaborating.

This season, marching band and dance established a new partnership for this year’s Homecoming game. Band Director Chad Lemons and Dance Coach Jamie John decided to team up and join the dance team and marching band together. 

“It’s a good opportunity for everyone to get together and be involved. We’re out there on Friday nights performing so why not perform together,” said Tanner Strong (‘20). 

According to Mr. Lemons, it started last year when the band was doing parades and invited dance and cheer to come along. This collaboration happens a lot in high schools and it was something that wasn’t happening here and would be fun to try.

“The dance team learns the dance themselves and then we have one practice that we did with the band really quick,” said Coach Jamie.

Also, according to Strong, most of the time is a lot of trying to figure out where the band wants to be on the field and where the best sound is. Most of the time the dancers aren’t used to having an entire band behind them; they typically have their own area to perform.

“The plan is, the dance team is competing with the band and traveling to Disney World together, so already collaborating there. They’re always going to be a part of half-time performances,” said Mr. Lemons.

The association between the marching band and dance will continue the rest of the season.