Students question whether two-week plans really help

Most freshman study hall teachers are giving students organizers to help with tracking their homework, but do they actually help?


Campbell Goter

Wikipedia doesn’t have to be a source we completely avoid.

Students are experiencing different feelings regarding whether or not  Study Hall two-week plan sheets are actually helping them track their daily homework. 

The two-week plans consist of a chart that allows you to insert your grades the day you have Study Hall. Underneath, you can write down any unfinished work you have left, classes you need to focus on, tasks to complete in the Study Hall, and work you need to revise. 

”You can plan out what you’re going to do, so you don’t just half to remember all the stuff,” said Clayson Checketts (’23). ”It helps you organize better.” 

Students that need to remain organized can use this sheet as a guide to what they need to accomplish. It also helps plan out what work you have for the next day. 

“I don’t have a lot of work, and it does keep me organized to see what I have to do for that day and the two weeks. But in my study hall, we have to turn it in at the beginning of class because it’s a five-minute work time for that sheet. I can’t keep it to see what I have to do.” commented Aliyah Cordova (’23).

The two-week plan depends on the teacher you get for Freshman Study Hall. Some teachers can decide whether or not you need the sheet/when you turn it in.

”When we did the time management thing, she gave us a paper and told us to do planning, and she asked us to do it and see how it would go, and then she never gave us any more papers, and she never brought it up again,” said Ava Feaster (’23). 

Some freshmen think that the two-week plan is a waste of time and doesn’t help them with their work. Others think that it’s a useful tool, and it helps them stay organized throughout the week. 

”It depends on the student specifically, but I think the overall goal is to kinda help with planning and prioritizing, so in a way, it helps students. But I think the student has to figure out what way works best for them,” said Chad Lemons ”When we leave Freshman Study Hall, is it something that is in your phone, or… you have a planner or a sticky note list.”

These two-week plans are a step forward for students’ education and can improve their organization. Students may be seeing a change in their grades and could be feeling their stress decrease despite their frustrations.