COVID-19 has forever changed our world (Opinion)

This pandemic will not end without leaving its long-lasting effects on the entire globe, whether that be positive or negative.


Arizona Lee

The entire world is feeling the long-lasting effects that have come with the devastating COVID-19 pandemic.

The events that occurred on September 11, 2001, greatly changed American airport security and political behavior. We will never get on an airplane the same way we did before that time.

The Great Depression changed the structure of the American economy and how economists think. We will never go back to that world.

We are in another one of these devastating times in history, one that will leave a long-lasting mark on the world as we know it. Our way of life will forever be changed because of this pandemic.

I have noticed many changes, and I believe some of them will stay longer than we think.

For one, before the pandemic, being antisocial or considered an “introvert” was much less acceptable than it is now. It has become widely accepted and even encouraged to try and be careful about exposing yourself to large social groups. This will most likely end as the quarantine and isolation are lifting, but it will definitely leave a lasting effect.

Our whole lives, we have been taught to tough through sickness. Even when you are contagious, and feel terrible, you are shamed if you stay home. This goes from both mental and physical illnesses. You are encouraged to attempt to ignore the sickness and continue to make your way through school and work. 

This is exactly what distributed this virus, along with many other illnesses.

This way of thinking will forever be affected. Even after this is all over, being sick will no longer be a “tough it out” and “suck it up” kind of situation. Illness, I hope, will be taken seriously.

Students are terrified to take a day off due to feeling unwell, in fear that they might miss something big or be unable to catch up afterward. This leads to the spreading of illness, and the misery of sick students as they trudge through school.

This should not be the case, and I believe that this will change because of COVID-19.

The way that we interact will also be shifted. Before all of this, we came face to face with strangers every day. We weren’t nearly as paranoid about handwashing as we are now, and we are immensely more cautious of the viruses provided on everyday objects, such as doorknobs and packages. Now that we are all aware of what hand washing and other practices can do in regards to protecting ourselves from disease, I have no doubt that this will continue.

In my household alone, we have already agreed to wipe down doorknobs, light switches, and Amazon packages even after the coronavirus pandemic has come to a stop.

During this time, we have also grown to be much more grateful for the technological communication resources that we do. Most likely, that gratitude will also carry past this time.

Over these past two weeks, I have seen more people wave at me than I think I have in my entire lifetime. Every single time I go on a bike ride (six feet away from everyone of course) or ride in a car, strangers are waving like crazy. Due to my living in a bigger city, this is not something that I am used to.

Will this tight-knit sense of community carry on after the COVID-19 pandemic?

Our world has been forever shifted, whether that be a positive or negative thing. We will simply have to watch and study as our way of life changes right before our eyes.

The unacceptable has become acceptable and vise versa. The “normal” has changed. But only time will tell what “normal” will finally mean.

Stay safe everyone, we’ll figure this out together.