Mead High’s music department introduces new music class

With the music department growing, more classes are being added to give students more opportunities


Chad Lemons

Mr. Lemons shows off his drumming skills.

In the 2021-2022 school year, there will be a new music class available to the students of Mead High School.

Because of Mead’s growth as a school, the music department wants to give students more opportunities to earn their fine arts credit. The drumset class, taught by music teacher Chad Lemons, will be a one-semester non-performance class that fulfills this purpose in a really fun way. 

It will be similar to History of Rock and Roll, Guitar, and Music Technology in that students’ education on actually playing the drums will be enriched by extra learning about things like how drums are made and the history of the drumset.

“Our goal is to increase the number of music electives to give students more options and opportunities,” said Mr. Lemons. 

“Students have given feedback mostly neutral on adding classes like piano, but we received more positive feedback on a drumset class and eventually an ukulele class.” 

Anyone interested in drumset can join this class, whether they’re a current percussionist or someone who’s never held a drumstick. The class is all about learning more about drumset, and what each student gets out of the class is dependent on what they put into it. 

The class will have both full-group and individual instruction, so students will be able to move at their own pace.

There is no pressure to join other performance classes after taking drumset, but if students put effort into improving, they will be capable of performing.

“We know many students will gain enough skill and knowledge to get involved in drumming opportunities outside of the drumset class,” said Mr. Lemons.

The school will provide instruments and practice tools, but students will buy their own drumsticks. “Sticks are like outfits,” said Mr. Lemons, “we all have our own unique style and taste, so students will have the ability to purchase drumsticks that look and feel right for them.”

However, donations of instruments would still be very appreciated. 

Mead students are already excited about the new class. Drake Byers (‘23) said, “I think it’s neat, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Even those who can’t look forward to the class think drumset will be a great addition to Mead’s coursebook. “This is phenomenal because it’s a huge opportunity,” Tyler Bare (‘21) said. “I can leave this school as a senior at peace knowing that this class is gonna be there for future students.”

If you have any questions about the new drumset class, email Mr. Lemons. You can also watch this video he made about the class.