Student opinions vary on newly optional mask mandate

Feb. 22 marks the first day since the start of the pandemic where masks are optional in schools, students have mixed feelings


DJ Gallegos

Some students opt to continue wearing masks at school for various reasons.

In the perspective of some, the worst of it is almost gone. After two years of schooling in a pandemic, we are finally getting back to normal. Beginning Feb. 18, students in SVVSD were no longer required to wear masks, in accordance with Boulder County guidelines. 

Because masks are optional, some have spoken out about finally being able to take off their masks while others opt to keep them on.

Since last fall, Isaac Weldon (‘22) has tried countless times to get a mask exemption. However, now he doesn’t need the exemption, and will get what he’s been wanting for all year.

“It’s going to be a relief… the school has denied my mask exemption five or six times.” He continued, “I will [finally] be taking it off.”

Walking through the halls, I know I’ve definitely had friends come up and excitedly share their thoughts with me, thrilled to get closer to the “normal” we knew two years ago. But there are also some nerves surrounding the change.

Isabell Medina (‘22) said, “I’m really excited, but I am a little nervous how it’ll play out through all the COVID cases and quarantine situations.”

She also added that she’s excited to see everyone’s beautiful faces, despite her concerns. 

Some students are choosing to continue to wear masks. For some, such as Ian Donner (‘23), it’s about keeping the common cold at bay. “I don’t really care, but right now I have a cold and cough so I’ll be keeping it on,” Donner (‘23) said.

Isabella Allen (‘23) added, “I’m pretty excited about it, I don’t really like wearing masks. The masks are not a problem, it’s just no one really wears them correctly anyways so what’s the point?”

Allen (‘23) brings up an argument that many used while we were required to wear masks. If students won’t wear them properly anyway, what’s the point at all? For now, that’s no longer a concern.

Others who experience social anxiety or feelings of social pressure may opt to wear their masks because they find comfort in doing so.

Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end, and the pandemic will finally become manageable in our daily lives. After two years, masks have become part of the norm, and I know it’s been a strange adjustment taking the masks off for those who choose to do so.

February 2nd, 2022 (2/22/2022) marks a day only special because of the date alignment, but also because it marks the first day in almost two years that we as students were permitted to come to school without masks.