Longmont’s Used Book Emporium is a great shop for avid readers

Established in 1996, the Used Book Emporium is a place I’d highly suggest avid readers to visit


Joel Grossman

The Used Book Emporium is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

The Used Book Emporium was established in Longmont in 1996 and moved to their current spot on Main St in 1997. The shop still offers incredible service to Longmont residents and residents of surrounding towns.

Selling both new, used, and specially ordered books on their shelves, the Used Book Emporium is a gem for avid readers looking for a bookstore with great prices and excellent service.

In my experience purchasing from and browsing around the Used Book Emporium, employees have always been nothing but friendly, welcoming, and helpful. I’m a fan of the undeniable confidence of ebooks and audiobooks, but personally, nothing will ever beat the classic smell of paperback books in an old fashioned library for me. And that’s exactly what the Used Book Emporium gives its customers.

There are several nooks with sofas and rugs throughout the Used Book Emporium, and the home-y smell and vintage build of the shop marks almost every summer Saturday afternoon for me.

They offer a great selection of books ranging from brand new and specially ordered to used and loved. The About Us section of the official Used Book Emporium website states that their “inventory of over 65,000 books includes fiction, nonfiction, paperback, hardcover[,] and audiobooks”.

It continues, saying that whatever the reading tastes of the customer, they are “sure to find something of interest” in the shop.

They take used and new books as donations and offer credit for you to purchase any used books or audiobooks of your choice.

The Used Book Emporium also offers a teacher discount (10%) for used books for teacher classrooms as well as special orders for brand new books of your choice at 20% off the initial cover price with no shipping fees.

If readers can’t find a specific book at the bookshop, you can reserve a title in hopes that a used or new copy will be brought in.

The broad selection, welcoming service, and home-y feel of the Used Book Emporium has brought me back there countless times over the last few years, and I’d definitely suggest it overall to fellow readers looking for their new favorite location.