Senior sunrise was a first day to a last year

On Aug 18, seniors gathered at the football field to watch the sunrise


Jorja Haskin

The Class of 2023 watches the sun rise.

This year’s senior sunrise was Aug 18, the first day of school. The senior sunrise has remained a Mead High tradition where seniors meet and watch the sunrise on their first day of their last year.

The sun crept up the eastern horizon around 5:30 a.m. When seniors arrived, they all gathered on the bleachers and met up with friends. Many students hadn’t seen each other all summer.

Student council also provided students with breakfast during the sunrise. Students, in line for breakfast, walked away with steaming hot chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes. Student council also provided orange juice, coffee, and grapes.

Most students were excited to see their friends after summer break.

Sarah Bailey (‘23) said that she came to the senior sunrise because she “got to see [her] friends, [and it] kicks off the school year.” She is most excited to graduate and find her future “direction”. She also hopes to “have life long friends.”

The senior sunrise “makes us all… come together, and it’s the last first day, so it’s really special,” shared Sarah Steere (‘23)

Many seniors are looking forward to planning their future after high school.

When asked what he wanted to get out of his last year in high school, Brian Melany (‘23) said he’s looking forward to planning for his future and, of course, graduation. He wants “[to] use this year as a… prep for basically the rest of [his] life”.

Lailynn Lashway (‘23) hopes to make a lot of memories her senior year. Lashway’s (‘23) advice to freshmen is to take lots of pictures throughout their time in high school.

Yvet Villalpando (‘23) advises freshmen to take advantage of opportunities. “During my high school year, I didn’t take advantage of anything, and I didn’t get involved in anything. This year, I’m hoping to be involved more,” she said.

Towards the end of the senior sunrise guest speaker Graig Rademaker spoke to the Class of 2023. Rademaker was part of the first graduating class at Mead High School. These students started as sophomores. Rademaker now lives on a farm in Mead with his family.

Rademaker told seniors that they “are more than equipped to take on challenges”. He also gave the students some advice that he had learned throughout high school and life.

After senior sunrise, students began getting ready for their last first day at Mead High School, ready to make many senior year memories.