AP Seminar is now an English elective for sophomores

As of this school year, AP Seminar counts as an English 10 credit, whereas it used to count as elective credit


Noel Major

AP Seminar students wait for class to start.

Mead High is now offering AP Seminar as an English credit. This change started at the beginning of this year, the 2022-2023 school year. Though AP Seminar has been offered at Mead for years, it has always been an elective credit class. As of now, this course is taught by English teacher Ms. Sonnenberg.

In previous years, it has been taught by multiple different teachers. AP Seminar is now an English credit because “we [at Mead High School] want to grow our capstone program” said Sonnenberg. “If we made AP Seminar an English credit, it would encourage more students to take it.”

According to current and past enrollment statistics, AP Seminar has grown by 26 students since becoming an English elective. Last year, there were 20 sophomores, 12 juniors, and three seniors enrolled in the class. As of this year, there are 58 sophomores, three juniors, and no seniors who are enrolled in AP Seminar.

Sonnenberg said, “We felt like we could incorporate enough of the literature and those kinds of things, that you get in English 10, [so you] still get a similar experience.”

Sonnenberg said that the class is not as hard as it seems — “more people than [those that] think they can, can actually succeed”.

When asked what they enjoy about AP Seminar, the majority of students said that they enjoy the classroom environment and Ms. Sonnenberg in general as a teacher.

Mac Brommer (‘25) said, “A lot of the things that we do [in AP Seminar] we… base on the real world”. Students feel that they can talk to a group of people, learn how to research in depth, and analyze topics thoroughly.

William Lloyd (‘25) added that he’s “learning better reading skills” in the class.

Alice Stewart (‘25) was hesitant about the class at first. She said, “I didn’t think I would like it, but I do now just because it’s fun — what we do and learn.”

Several students said this class can be hard due to it being an AP class, but the work is fun and applies to everyday life.

Not everyone gets English credit for AP Seminar though. Only enrolled sophomores get the English credit as AP Seminar only counts as an English 10 credit.

Mary Quinby (‘24) said, “I don’t get it as an English credit so it doesn’t affect me either way, but I feel like… AP Seminar now has tons of extra material that [sophomores] have to cover. And it makes it not as hard for upperclassmen those days.”