Mead welcomes inaugural color guard for 2022-23 school year

Mead has added a new team of students that performs and participates with the marching band


Dylan Morales

The MHS Color Guard practices a performance outside in October.

Color guard is a visual art form where performances are choreographed with flags accompanied with Mead High’s band.

Evelyn Sofolo (‘24) describes it as a good way to be a part of the band without having to play an instrument.

There are five participants in color guard this year. Individuals in this class include Parker Gledhill (‘24), Athie Hagensen (‘26), Eris Price (‘25), Evelyn Sofolo (‘24), and Haley Willis (‘25).

Sofolo (’24) said, “I think it’s really fun getting to know everyone that is in color guard and being able to work with them and figure things out as a team.”

Color guard was initiated by a couple of students who requested the class. Initially, they could not find an instructor.

Price (‘25) said, “During the summer, the Mead administration team was still searching for a color guard instructor, and we had Thursday rehearsals, so we just had to do it ourselves and go off YouTube videos to learn the basics.”

Ultimately, the team did find an instructor: Danielle Gardner.

Gardner has been teaching color guard for five years. She said she saw a post regarding Mead High looking for an instructor and thought it would be a cool opportunity since she had participated in color guard since high school.

Students said they enjoy performing in front of an audience. Price (‘25) said he enjoys “performing during the halftime show [because it] is really memorable and really special. It’s just so fun getting to perform in front of people.”

Color guard at Mead does not compete competitively although this year the group attended the Friendship Cup Competition which is a Colorado Bandmaster Association (CBA) competition. They competed against bands who played competitively and placed 5th in the event.