Cheer and poms compete at state spirit championships

The state spirit championships was a three day event held at the Denver Coliseum from Dec. 8 to Dec. 10.


Jorja Haskin

The state spirit competition welcomed many teams from Colorado to compete at the Denver Coliseum.

This past weekend, the girls competed at the Denver Coliseum amongst many teams in Colorado.

The first day of the competition was held for those who were competing for game day cheer, known to many as traditional cheer. Evaluations were based on how well they can lead a crowd.

Although Mead did not compete on Thursday, there were 57 competing teams on this day across all of the class divisions.

On Friday, Mead High’s cheer team performed at 1:31 p.m. They went head to head with 27 teams in the 4A division and placed 17th with a raw score of 65.4 with zero deductions.

Maraia Widhalm (‘23) spoke on behalf of her team, saying that nerves were high going into the competition. The team had always practiced with seven mats, but at the coliseum there were nine. Although the routine didn’t go exactly as planned, she loved the experience of state and said, “The day was still really fun overall. I was glad that we performed and were able to stay as a team and wait for our results together.”

The top seven teams in 4A went to the finals. 

On this day, Co-Ed cheer also competed with 29 teams, split up into their respective divisions. The top teams in this section of the competition were also sent to the finals and competed later in the day for a second time. 

Saturday was the last day of the spirit championship competition. This day was for the Poms, jazz and hip-hop dance teams. 

There were 77 teams overall for the Poms and 22 teams in the 4A division with Mead. Mead’s Poms performed at 9:22 a.m. 

After performing, Chiara Puccia (‘24) talked about how excited her team was before the competition and that she loved how they could all support each other. She said, “We were there for each other and the routine was something that we had in our hearts because we had spent so much time together performing it.” 

She continued, saying that even if the results didn’t turn out the way the team wanted, she “hopes that everyone enjoyed it, because we did great either way”.

New head coach Chloee McClellan worked with the girls before the routine about staying hyped up and having fun because that is what their whole job is. She said, “I told my girls that I could care less if they mess up, just go out there and have a good time and make sure they see it on your faces.”

Mead placed 21st for 4A Poms with a total score of 64.9.