Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokić isn’t joking around this season

Nikola Jokić breaks franchise record, and Nuggets stay hot


Blake Kline

Nikola Jokić is #15 on the Nuggets.

Following a victory against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday, Jan. 18, the Denver Nuggets tallied yet another victory at home. This win bumped them up to 15 straight wins at home, also boosting center Nikola Jokić into the number one spot for the Nuggets all time assists.

Assist after assist, he worked his way to passing the number one spot of 3,679 assists, taking over the Nuggets franchise record. Jokić not only passed previous record holder Alex English to be the franchise assists leader, but also became the first center in the NBA to do so.

Jokić, who has 3,686 career assists, is a franchise center who has two straight MVP titles, easily making him one of the best centers in the NBA. Breaking franchise records like this show just how necessary Jokić is to the Denver Nuggets.

In addition to just breaking a franchise record, Jokić has also won two straight MVP titles, and remains in his prime. Jokić is an absolute monster on the basketball court and his two MVP titles and record-breaking plays are there to back this up.

The Joker isn’t joking around this year — he’s breaking records and already placing himself in a potential MVP spot for the third year in a row. Jokić won’t be leaving anytime soon either. He’ll certainly be a valuable asset to the Denver Nuggets for a long time.