Bones Hyland trade could benefit the Nuggets

The trading of Bones Hyland will have a major impact on the Nuggets


Natalie Yoder and Kenny Eliason from Unsplash

After almost two years with the Nuggets, Nah’son (Bones) Hyland has been traded and is now playing for the Clippers.

Just recently, the Denver Nuggets guard, Bones Hyland, was traded to the L.A. Clippers. In return for Hyland, the Nuggets received two second-round draft picks from the Clippers. This trade had given two of three second round picks back to the Nuggets from a recent trade with the Lakers.

Bones Hyland is a high-energy player on the court; his energy will certainly be missed among Nuggets fans. As much as any of us want to hate the trade, it could still benefit the Nuggets as a whole.

Bones Hyland has made quite the impact on the Nuggets. In just two years, he’s posted 111 GP. Hyland has also been a major crowd favorite. However, with the return of All-Star guard Jamal Murray, Hyland had become less valuable to the team. Hyland’s desire to start over guard Jamal Murray did lead to strife with other players and Nuggets head coach Mike Malone. These arguments became a distraction on and off the court, which would lead to Malone benching Hyland and eventually trading him. 

Hyland has been inconsistent with the numbers he puts up each game, making him a dark horse for the team as well as the other teams. With his inconsistency of solid stats, Hyland became less valuable to the Nuggets. He was arguably unpredictable and difficult to manage.

Hyland overall has decreased his own value as a player. His inconsistency and lack of predictable playing would be a major factor in his trading.

Hyland, however, never fails to pump-up the crowd. His high spirits and fast play have been a crowd pleaser. His presence surely affects the way the Nuggets as a team view their games and winnings. However, with the Nuggets major starting lineup being a major crowd-pleaser as it is, this high energy will certainly be matched by the rest of the team.

The trading of Bones Hyland could certainly be positive for the Nuggets. Hyland’s distracted nature on and off the court has caused problems.

Hopefully, the Nuggets will be more consistent and have less distractions in practice and during games for the remainder of the season.

Regardless, his electric style of play will be missed among fans and players alike.